Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

“Marketing” is the action of promoting and selling products and services, including market research and advertisement.

In traditional marketing the channels to connect the consumers are through media (newspapers, magazines, etc.), telemarketing, direct mail, broadcast (TV, radio, etc.), outdoor (billboards, flyers, etc.) Where the cost of promotion is high and process of advertisement is slow. Despite all the challenges face by traditional marketing, though some evolution might take over, there is no possibility that would change the core or the fundamental aspects.

Digital Marketing is a way of marketing products and services that use electronic devices.

There are over 53.6% of the total population worldwide who uses internet which makes easier to connect consumers through various platforms via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Marketing via digital platforms is a more affordable alternative to traditional marketing, and also it allows target campaigning where ads are presented to customers based on their preferences or action taken.

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